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Invoice Factoring

Convert to Cash your Account Receivables in an easy and flexible way to ensure and maintain a healthy balance-sheet. Invoice factoring is a quick and efficient way to free up cash flow and manage the processing of invoices. Galley Financial Invoice Factoring offers the opportunity to access unpaid debts promptly


There are many benefits associated with invoice factoring and, depending on your circumstances, it can transform the way your company works

  • Improved Cash Flow without debt
  • More Free Time to focus in your business
  • Flexible Terms
  • Increased Potential Profitability
  • Improved Planning Ability
  • Prompt Customer Payments
  • Support your company when Financial Statements needs improvement

Sales Financing

An innovative solution that allows to efficiently manage liquidity, working capital ratios and risk mitigation, all under the same structure. At the same time, provides a unique win-win situation to the selected distribution network

  • Achieve increased competitiveness by offering selected Buyers an extension in payment terms
  • Increase sales and enhance customer relationships
  • Improve cash flow by accelerating receivables collections and extending Buyer payment terms off-Balance-Sheet
  • Balance Sheet improvements for Supplier (via reduced DSOs), and for Buyers (via increased DPOs)
  • Reduce credit risk on Buyers
  • Support sales growth
  • Guaranteed payment for manufactured product

Inventory Finance

Inventory financing is one of the most impactful solution as an asset-based lending or short-term working capital loan secured by the inventory purchased. This solution allows companies to use the ongoing sales inventory as collateral to repay the obligation and obtain a revolving line of credit. This will support the business to increase purchase power, keep growing and drive- through seasonal sales

  • Allows you to leverage inventory
  • Allows your business to accumulate inventory (i.e. to meet contractual obligations)
  • Easier to obtain than conventional financing
  • Line can increase as your company grows
  • Keeps your inventory updated
  • It is a way of finance when banks does not supports
  • Value added solution that enables to register the transaction as a commercial loan versus a bank loan

Lease and Asset Based Lending

Looking for a fast improvement Cash Management?
The Asset Based Lease is an advance solution which combines asset based finance with operating/capital lease to provide structured working capital and term loans that are secured by inventory, equipment and/or machinery


Our expertise is to structure tailor made solutions and specific programs to improve Cash Flow and Key Financial Ratios in order to optimize sales, obtain medium term financing, reduce existing assets, anticipate cash, income and optimize tax benefits

  • Off –On Balance-Sheet Solution
  • Preserve Working Capital via medium term financing for new equipment acquisition
  • Eases to concentrate in your core business
  • Avoid covenants triggers
  • Increased Cash Flow Position
  • Tax Benefits

P.O Financing

Purchase order financing is a funding method where a business may obtain fast access to cash to comply with customer orders. P.O.F gives the opportunity to grow the business using companies’s own cash conversion cycle rather than relying on  credit lines with banks, or for those moments when there is not enough cash available to cover cost of goods.

  • Great solution when cash flow reserves are low
  • Allows companies to grow without increased bank debt or selling equity
  • Frees up cash for critical business expenses
  • Does not reflects any financial debt on the balance-sheet
  • Prevents from turning down important orders with great clients
  • The ability to buy inventory and grow sales without being limited by existing capital.
  • Helps ensure timely deliveries to customers
  • Supports companies in a turnaround