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Trade Finance Certificate

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22 Jun Trade Finance Certificate

Through the Florida International Bankers Association FIBA and the support of Florida International University Business School. The International Trade Finance Certificate was launched with the purpose to expand and strengthen the knowledge of this major and significant topic.

The International Trade Finance Certificate is driven through a series of modules that provide the end-to-end understanding of International Trade and the key players. It is designed to help professionals learn the language of International Trade and the rules that govern Trade instruments. Throughout the course the professional will review Trade Products, Services and Finance features, learning how and when to use them. This involves both understanding how to structure an effective Trade Finance offering and the risks embedded in any International Trade deal as well as reviewing proper compliance strategies

The training is conducted in English and Spanish having our Advisory Board member Chris Prinicipe and our CEO Othman Gamero as Instructors of the course.

Links: Fibatraining / Business.fiu.edu